Y-Astra meteorite revolutionizes science

Relicta is a story-driven sci-fi first-person physics-based puzzle game focused on a father-daughter bond in a life-or-death situation while you combine magnetism, gravity and creative thinking to survive.

At the end of the 22nd century a major event revolutionizes the scientific world, the Y-Astra impact, a meteorite with astonishing energetic properties that grabs the attention of the biggest technologic companies in the world. Lars, an experienced scientist, will join the research to unravel the secrets hidden behind the mysterious material until a sudden accident puts his life and the facility safety at risk.

Your daughter Zoe just arrived from Earth to help you study the Y-Astra’s meteorite incredible properties when an accident causes a massive power cut. Make your way over natural environments with the aid of magnetism and gravity to reach her, life support is running out, will you be able to save her?

Solve the puzzles around the testing grounds in the natural terraformed domes to reach zones of the base blocked by the lack of power to restore the energy and save the remaining people in the facility. A forest, a glacier, a rocky desert and a tropical jungle awaits you each one with unique mechanics to test your skills while you figure out the reason behind the accident in a compelling sci-fi adventure.

– Challenging physics-based puzzles.

– Combine magnetism and gravity while you take advantage of the environment to make your way through.

– A unique game setting in a terraformed base where the player will explore a sci-fi facility and natural environments.

– A compelling single player plot, explore the bond between father and daughter while you struggle to survive.


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