Mighty Polygon
Based in Valencia, Spain

Founding date:
September, 2015


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Y-Astra Project

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Mighty Polygon is an independent game studio established in 2015 based in Valencia, Spain. Our focus is to create original games with strong narratives, that are easy on the eyes and have great mechanics. We make the kind of games we like to play.



Mighty Polygon was founded in 2015 by a bunch of friends that used to work together making games for others. After the company most of them were working for closed they gathered and decided that it was time to make something of their own. After some initial prototypes Pine Away, their first project was born.

First bump on the road

The game was receiving positive comments from other developers and from players in local events what encourage them to keep working hard on it but without enough resources a difficult decision had to be made. Two of the four original founders left the studio to pursue other professional opportunities and the future of Pine Away was uncertain.

Comeback and the birth of Y-Astra project

The remaining founders Santi Alex and Juan Diego Alegre considered all the facts, what they did wrong and right and decided to carry on with the project giving some overhaul to its flaws and started to look for funding to finish it. The narrative needed some changes and Pine Away was renamed to Y-Astra project.

Present and future

They needed some help to achieve their vision so they looked for collaborators that shared their core values to finish the game and make a build to look for funding. They keep working hard to achieve their goals.



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Awards & Recognition

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Santi Alex
    Business, Development, Game Design, Founder

    Juan Diego Alegre Brun
    Programmer, Game Design, Founder

    Jordi Carazo
    Game Design

    Jorge Oliva

    Javier Sanz

    Ivan Martinez

    Luis Sole
    Programmer, Game Design

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